Welcome to the Undertale AU OCs Wiki

This is the sister Wikia to the Undertale AU Wiki, it's for the no longer legal OCs that are not from the classic Undertale. OCs specifically for the original Undertale belong here instead. Just to clarify, this site is for fan character sof AUs, not AUs themselves.


  • The head bureaucrat (Createsans) is sensitive to:
    • Insults.
    • Nudity used for adult themes. (Not really but slightly)
    • Gross new age habits, like that underwear bullshit.
    • Being called a bad admin, cause I'm the best you'll find.

Things I allow

  • Whatever's not on the list below.

Things I don't allow

  • Vandalism
  • Bullying.
  • Suicide threats. (talk to me if ya need a consultant)
  • Telling others to kill themselves.
  • Deleting "bad" pages.

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